Pediatric Dental Care

Preventative dental care is one of the best ways to keep your kid's smile looking great and healthy for their whole lives. It's extremely important to keep primary (baby) teeth healthy because they make way for the permanent teeth to eventually come in. There is a common misconception that baby teeth don't matter because they are going to fall out anyways. That couldn’t be more wrong! At Salmon Dental Center, we focus on preventative dental care that keeps smiles healthy for all the right reasons: your children's health and happiness!

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is one of the most simple, yet effective treatments at Salmon Dental Center. Fluoride is a natural mineral that promotes healthy enamel growth on teeth, in turn assisting in the battle against cavities. Our fluoride treatments are a much higher dosage than is available over the counter, and we’ll apply it at the end of your child’s appointment to let it rest on their teeth long after they have left the dental chair.

Dental Sealants

Children are more susceptible to cavities and tooth decay. This is because they tend to eat more sugary foods throughout the day and aren’t cleaning their teeth as well as adults do. While it is important to regiment their sugary intake and show them how to brush and floss well, sometimes cavities just find their way in. To combat this, we can apply a thin layer of plastic that will coat the hard to reach molars. Sealants are one of the most effective ways to stay cavity free.

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